New tenants

A few things you should know

Commencing a Tenancy

Once you have been notified that your tenancy application has been successful, our asset manager will contact you to make an appointment at our office to sign your lease agreement. At this appointment our asset manager will answer all your questions and provide you with a copy of your lease agreement for your records. You will also be required to pay all upfront costs at this time, which usually include the first two weeks’ rental payment, a bond of four weeks rent and if required, a pet bond of $260. Your asset manager will advise you of the total amount required prior to the meeting.


A bond of four weeks rent needs to be paid prior to signing the lease agreement. The State Government’s Bond Administrator then holds the bond in trust until the end of the tenancy.
Depositing and withdrawing the bond requires the signatures of both yourself and the leasing agent. A bond is used to cover any damage you may have caused to the premises or contents, or additional water charges during your tenancy.

Pet Bond

The pet bond is only applicable if you have a pet approved on your application.


An important part of your move is the organisation of service connections. Direct Connect can assist you in the connection of such services as electricity, gas, phone, internet, pay TV, removals, insurance, cleaning, and truck hire.

Rental Payments

As outlined in your lease agreement, all rental payments are due in advance and the various methods for making these payments will be explained to you when signing your lease. A Breach of Agreement Notice will be issued if rent is overdue by more than two days.
A Termination Notice will be issued if the breach is not remedied in the requested time, and you will be required to vacate the property. Should you experience difficulty paying your rent, you are advised to contact your asset manager to discuss it with them. Being in breach consistently may affect your future chances of successfully renting a property.


The building you lease is required to be insured by the owner or strata company, however, your contents are your own responsibility and you should seek contents insurance.

Property Condition Reports

You will receive a Property Condition Report at the time of signing your lease, or it will be posted to you soon after. You have seven days to check the PCR against the property, add any further comments and then sign and return the document to our office. If we do not receive the signed PCR or it is returned unaltered, it will be taken that the original report is in accordance with the condition of the property.
At the conclusion of your tenancy, the PCR is compared against the current state of the property, and may affect the refund of your bond monies.