Presentation Tips

Some handy hints to help you when selling your home.

Preparing your property to look its best.

There are many things large and small that you can do to enhance the appeal of your home and improve the sale price. Rule 1 is always de-clutter as much as possible. Also make sure you complete any outstanding maintenance and repairs which will be immediately obvious to potential buyers. Have your gardens looking their best – bring in a professional if need be. Before undertaking any major renovations, consult with us as we will advise if they are necessary or if you are simply overcapitalising. We will also advise if we believe our professional stylist is necessary.

Choosing the bestsales method.

We will advise you on what method of sale we believe will maximise the sale price of your property. Auction and private treaty sales are the most common methods, with tender and expressions of interest sometimes used for extremely high-end sales. Each method has its own pros and cons. We will look at the particulars of the property, current market conditions, previous sales and competing listings when advising on the method we believe is best. Click here for video on sales method

Effectively marketingyour property.

Effective marketing of your property is essential in order to reach the broadest spectrum of buyers. Marketing needs to be targeted, cost-effective and a perfect showcase of your property, with professional photos, copy and design. It may include internet marketing, local and daily press advertising, signage, window displays and editorial in real estate publications.

Determine your selling price or reserve.

If selling by private treaty you may opt to sell for a prescribed amount or giving a price guide. This price is based on previous sales, current market conditions, interest rates and present buyer demand. If selling at auction we will advise buyers of a likely price range. The reserve price – i.e. the minimum price that you will accept for the property at auction – is not divulged to bidders and can be set on the day, based on buyer interest and feed back. We will provide insightful guidance on price however the ultimate decision rests with you as the seller.